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Are you looking for insurance for your Carpet Shop?  
When looking for carpet sop insurance it is important to establish your exact business requirements. Are you solely a carpet supplier with no work away from the premises such as fitting and installation or do you provide these services with purchase, either with your own employed staff or using bona fide subcontractors? All or these factors will affect the type of insurance you need in order to be fully covered. 
We can help you find a policy with the covers you require.  
Most retail shop policies won't cover you for any work away. We have seen many instances of carpet retailers and fitters being insured under a retail shop policy which isn't the correct contract, usually through no fault of their own but through a misunderstanding of the industry / individual business requirements. We can discuss your individual business requirements either over the phone or at your premises to ensure we obtain the best covers and the best rates available to you. Our fully trained and qualified staff are onhand to help and offer advice when securing terms, we will also make sure your policy is kept up to date throughout the term of this insurance by processing mid term adjustments and of course renegotiating your renewal terms or moving you to a new provider where appropriate. We also help you throughout the time of any claim to ensure the best outcome for your business. 
Town & Country are a national brokerage remaining local in our working practices.  
We take the time to get to know all of our customers and their businesses personally and we provide the highest levels of service to you. We are a local broker who deals with business throughout the UK. 
For a free no obligation quote simply provide your contact details below or give us a call now on (01769) 572557 and talk to one of our specialist advisers. 

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Carpet Shop & Fitters Insurance Information 

What insurance does a Carpet Retailer or Soft Furnishers Need? 
The simple answer is 'it depends', but probably something pretty similar to any shop or retailer but with wordings that have special attention to details in areas of the material damage and liabilities unique to your trade. For example, insurers need to know about work away from the premises, particularly Installations and Carpet Fitting, even when done by a sub contractor. Standard policies purchased off the shelf may not hold all the relevant indemnities to meet your exposures. 
Much has been done in recent years with regard to the flammability of carpets and soft furnishings, but the fact remains that there is a risk of fire and of course the product can be damaged by water and many other accidental means. We would recommend an inclusive 'all risks' policy wording to provide maximum indemnity. 
Many retailers operate a fitting service and even when this is done by outside contractors on a self employed sub contract basis the retailer carries an indemnity law towards his customers and clients for damage that may be caused by negligent acts. Most retailer policies will restrict work away from the premises to delivery acts and separate extensions are required to give the indemnity required. 
It is vital in our opinion that any retailer discuss with an appropriately experienced insurance broker what there business actually undertakes before purchasing a policy. It could be said that should your insurer not know of an amendment or extension to the most narrow of the standard trading activity then realistically it can not be expected to be insured under the contract. 
The Buildings and Contents of the Premises 
Your contents (and if selected buildings) are insured against loss or damage caused by a standard range of insured risks normally associated with your trade including Accidental Damage. In addition cover is automatically extended to include: 
Damage to Underground Services 
Trace and Access costs 
Removal of Debris costs 
Architect and Surveyors Fees 
Automatic Reinstatement of Sums Insured 
Money and Personal Accident (Assault) 
Covers your business money In transit, on premises during business hours, or in a bank night safe. 
In the business premises when closed for business or in the private dwelling. 
Personal Accident (Assault) 
Death, Loss of Limb(s), Loss of Eye(s), Permanent Total Disablement £10,000 
Total uninterrupted Disablement (up to 104 weeks) £100 per week. 
Glass Breakage 
Damage to fixed glass and fixed items of sanitary ware. 
Goods In Transit (OPTIONAL) 
If you have selected this option your needs are those of a retail business that delivers or collects goods and requires cover on those goods whilst in the course of transit. 
Damage to the trade contents whilst in transit by vehicles owned hired or leased by you. 
Business Liability 
The following will automatically be included: 
Employers Liability £10m 
Public/Products Liability £2m 
Legal costs and expenses 
Business Interruption 
Loss of Gross Profit following loss or damage by an insured peril 
Cover is extended to provide cover in respect of: 
Prevention of Access 
Specified Diseases, Murder, Suicide, Poisoning, Vermin or Pests, 
Defective Sanitation 
Damage at Suppliers premises 
Failure of Public Supply of Electricity Gas or Water 
Failure of Telecommunications 
Equipment Breakdown 
The policy covers damage and any subsequent loss of income caused by Breakdown to equipment or machinery (including computers and refrigeration equipment) up to the limits shown in the policy. 
Commercial Legal Protection 
Employment Disputes & Employment Compensation Awards 
Legal Defence 
Contract Disputes 
Property Protection 
Bodily Injury 
Debt Recovery 
Tax Protection 
Our policy is a flexible policy and you can elect to amend your sums insured and covers as needed to derive a tailored and suited quotation. 
Normally, you will have to pay a contribution towards the cost of any claim (this is known as the excess). These excesses will vary according to the covers you have selected and/or our assessment of your risk. Your Policy Schedule will show the specific excesses applicable to your cover. 
Amongst other Exclusions as standard your policy excludes most Terrorism cover. You are able to purchase additional cover from us to include some aspects of this risk if required. 
Correct values at risk must be advised to us. If the sums insured you request are not adequate this may result in the amount that your insurers pay to you in the event of a claim being reduced. 
Your policy will be issued on the basis that you confirm the minimum standards of security apply to your premises. 
Cover will be granted on the understanding that you will cooperate with your insurers in any survey process and that you will comply with any requirement arising from any survey of your premises. 
We are here to give advice on buying Carpet Shop or Furnishers insurance, please contact us 01769 572557, disclose all relevant material facts and we will help you find a suited policy which will pay for claims but only costs you a market best premium. 
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