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Are you looking for insurance for your Company Directors & Key Managers?  
Trying to find an insurance policy that covers your business and interests correctly can be a daunting task. We provide insurance from a wide range of industry specialists and tailor them to your specific requirements. Directors of limited companies and officers of organisations can, in some extreme circumstances, be held responsible for third party loss. Without the correct cover this can result in personal loss. It is important to any individual that could be held responsible for any third party loss, that they liability cover to protect themselves. 
We can help you find a policy with the covers you require.  
Our dedicated and qualified staff take the time to get to know you and your business to try and find the best cover from the most reputable insurers and in most cases can offer a site visit to take your information and in addition to this we can offer health and safety advice and risk management information. We remain your sole contact throughout the term of your contract and we are actively involved in dealing with and resolving complaints before they lead to claims against you as well as always being on hand to assist with any mid term adjustments and changes you may need to make as and when they occur. 
Town & Country are a national brokerage remaining local in our working practices. Our aim is to understand our clients insurance requirements taking into account the needs of the sector and we take the time to listen to you and deliver the right cover at the right price.  
For a free no obligation quote simply provide your contact details below or give us a call now on (01769) 572557 and talk to one of our specialist advisers. 

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Directors And Officers Liability Insurance Information 

Directors and officers liability insurance is cover for an individual, not the company. It is designed to give directors and officers the peace of mind that if they are ever to face personal losses then they have insurance to back them up. 
Most commonly Directors and Officers Liability Insurance comes into play when a shareholder feels as though the director/officer has either made a mistake or been negligent which has caused the shareholder loss. The shareholder will then bring legal action against the director/officer. In this situation the Directors and Officers liability Insurance will pay out for any personal loss the director/officer incurs. 
It is not only to protect from legal action by shareholders, but any personal loss a director or officer can face due to their action within the company. 
There are exceptions though. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance will not pay out in the case that the director/officer used their position to maliciously and intentionally break the law. 
Anyone in any position where they could face personal responsibility for their actions within the company should make sure they are covered by Directors and Officers Liability Insurance. 
Directors & officers insurance quotes
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