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Groundworkers require specialist insurances, for example, consideration needs to be given to depth limits and the damages that can be occasioned to utility companies. 
Some groundworkers may not realise that their policy contains a heat exclusion, it may be that for certain businesses this is agreeable but for others that use hot torches or tarmac machinery such as Blaus Knaux in the course of their works, this may require further consideration. 
Working at depth is considered a high hazard and it is an area of expensive and common claim on the policy, we work very closely with our clients to illustrate to insurers your methods of operation, policies with 5m depth limits are more expensive than those with 3m or even 2m, however, if the cover provider is made aware that the additional depth is only for sporadic contracts then we can adjust the loading and result in a more competitive premium, it is all about disclosure, making sure eventualities are covered but premiums only rated around true exposures to the risks. 
We will assist you throughout the term of your contract, from initial meetings to obtain the information required to find you the best rates, to mid-term adjustments and renewals, but most importantly we will be there to help you should you need to make a claim.  
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Specialist Groundwork Insurance Brokers 

Groundwork can be agricultural, construction and civil based and again each is a different risk to your insurer, by ascertaining full detail we can negotiate the correct rating and discount, by including or excluding wordings such as pile driving or flood defence works we can again get accurate quotes that cover the business for the risk it represents, there is a significant difference between a groundworker operating on virgin land for standard residential housing to one which is undertaking heavy civil contacts. 
Fibre optics are expensive to repair and groundworkers are potentially liable when disturbing them, several insurers offer very large excess or restrictions over the cover they provide and many contractors aren’t aware of this small print when buying policies, that is why you must speak to a professional who will challenge the risk and assist in underwriting adequate covers. 
Our Ground working insurance will be able to cover your plant, either mechanical or handheld, all machinery and the machinery you have will be covered up to its market value for damage and repair, we can cover any office risks you hold, any machinery not engaged in contract and stored your road risks, we can extend to include haulage if you utilise your vehicles on downtime to move plant for others, we can cover the transportation of items on vehicles both your own and third parties and we can cover your vehicles and those items of plant which work in open space on fleet policies. 

Groundwork Claims & Cover 

In the many years, we have been assisting policyholders we have seen:- 
Plant damaged in transit - (the boom of a digger was elevated higher than normal to accommodate a dumper on the same low loader, the driver struck a bridge he normally passed under without incident) 
Liability, damage when pile driving, (our contractor tapped the top of the main sewer without realising and released a concrete pour causing major damages. 
Employers liability – an operative slipped in adverse and muddy conditions when trying to repair/replace a thrown track and caused himself an injury. 
Plant stolen - our client left a digger and buckets chained together on a site the machine was removed over a weekend 
Plant damaged – the operator made a mistake when working uneven ground and rolled the machine, substantive damages were occasioned to the cab but the engine also ran on and seized. 
For each of these settled losses, there was a potential for an incorrectly written policy not to have covered the loss, for example, some policies restrict theft of plant to locked compounds, many policies exclude pile driving or work at significant depths and so it is vital that regular reviews are undertaken and exact business descriptions and contracts disclosed. 
Cover for 
Public Liability and Products Liability - Protects against your legal liability for injury and damage to property 
Contractors All Risks - Provides cover for damage to the contract works and all materials, own plant, hired-in plant and temporary buildings 
Employers Liability - Protects against your legal liability to pay compensation in respect of an injury sustained by your employees in the course of the business up to a limit of £10,000,000 including costs and expenses 
J.C.T. 6.5.1. - Protects against any expense liability loss claim or proceedings which may be incurred or sustained because of 
injury or damage to any property caused by collapse subsidence heave vibration weakening or removal of support or lowering 
of groundwater arising out of or in the course of or because of the carrying out of the Works. 
Goods in Transit - Provides all risks cover for stock and trade materials whilst in transit in any road vehicles including trailers and containers 
owned or operated by you 
Property Damage All Risks - Provides all risks cover for the property insured at the premises (office risks and non contract materials) 
Business Interruption All Risks - Provides all risks (including subsidence) cover for loss resulting from interruption of or interference with the business carried 
on by you at the premises in consequence of damage. Cover can also be on an Increase in Cost of Working basis. 
Excess of Loss Public Liability – cover for indemnity limits where required higher than the standard £5m 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Read some our our most frequently asked questions about our insurance policies. 
Our policies are designed to cover the risks you face whilst trading, protecting assets such as buildings and content on an 'all risks' basis, we can extend to cover non-standard risks as well as traditional or standard properties, the policy extends to include protecting your trading income following such losses as well as your liabilities to members of the public or of course those you are liable for as an employer. 
Options exist to prepay the year, at inception of cover or to spread the costs over a number of monthly instalments, subject to a small surchage madevia the renowned insurance financer Clos Bros Premium Finance who assist our clients fund the monthly direct debit facilities. 
When considering claiming our first suggestion is always to speak with us, discuss the circumstance of the loss and we can then assist you in preseting the loss fully to the underwriters, so it can be administered and settled as quickly as possible, if the loss is substantial we will negoiate the attendance of a loss adjuster to work through the claim with you and get you speedily reinstated, if the loss is a liability one (public or employers) we would urge you to speak with us as quickly as possible post incident or on notification as early collection of data is key to any defence or explanation 
Why Town & Country? Well we like to think thats a pretty simple answer, we believe we are the best, the best in extracting the right information and working with you at the outset so the policies are correctly and competitively underwritten, then the same staff member handles your case building a rapprt and relationship with you dealing with any amendments you might need and handling any claims and before taking updated iinformation to secure appropriate renewal terms. Ours is a crade to grave all encompassing solution to your businesses insurance requirements, we act like one of your own staff or team members and pride ourselves on a service that has kept us doing just what we are doing for over 80 years 
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