Luxury Hotel Insurance 

Specialist insurance for businesses that provide luxury accommodation to guests and cover for specific risks within the hospitality industry. 
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Luxury Hotels provide a specialist service, one that provides pure luxury, comfort, facilities and relaxation. Many are housed in unique or heritage buildings, such as manor houses and listed properties, which provide part of the charm, character and appeal, but equally these high valued buildings need to be adequately insured. 
It takes care planning managing a Luxury Hotel, you may offer additional services like spa treatments. A client could have an allergic reaction to a product you use, or your premises could suffer a flood due and your costly equipment damaged beyond repair. 
As specialist Luxury Hotel Insurance Brokers, we treat every site as unique and can offer a wide range of insurance products to cover you against every potential eventuality. 
Our expertise and sector-specific knowledge allow us to provide cover across the hotel industry. With our range of insurance products, we have something to suit all industry features - from the property, business interruption and liability insurance to the growing need for cyber coverage. 
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Specialist Luxury Hotel Insurance Brokers 

Town & Country are specialists hotel & accommodation insurance brokers. We have an excellent track record with insurers and hospitality clients across the UK. 
We keep on top of the market to ensure the best hotel home insurance rates and covers for your business, staff and guests. Your business is our business and we want to make sure you are fully protected and not paying too much for the cover you're getting. In all circumstances, we look to arrange a safe meeting at your premises. We know Covid-19 has had a large effect on the hospitality industry, so if meeting face-to-face isn't possible we can take your details over the phone and arrange cover this way. We are flexible and professional always. Our offer to see every client, we think, is unique in the current market. 
Popular Insurance Types: 
Public Liability Insurance 
Protects you against compensation claims made by a member of the public for injury or damage to their personal items that they blame on your business. For example, if a hotel guest slips on your lobby floor because it’s wet from cleaning and there’s no warning sign. 
Employers’ Liability Insurance 
If you employ any staff then you are required by law to have Employers' Liability. You may face steep fines if you don’t have a suitable policy in place. It covers claims made against you by an employee for injury or illness that’s due to their work. 
Business Buildings and Contents insurance 
Contents insurance can help your hotel if it suffers damage as a result of something like fire, flood or burglary. You can also add business turnover protection - also known as business interruption cover - which can protect your income if you have to close your hotel because of damage. 

Property Damage Cover 

The cover oven extends to include such extensions such as : 
Damage to buildings caused by theft or attempted theft 
Glass (including boarding up costs)  
Window, door frames and content of display windows 
Automatic reinstatement of the sum insured following a loss 
Automatic cover for buildings and machinery that you purchase during the period of insurance 
Costs involved in locating the source of damage resulting from escape of water or fuel oil from any tank 
Temporary removal of machinery whilst being cleaned or repaired 
Loss of metered water 
Architects’, surveyors’, and consultants’ fees involved in reinstating buildings and machinery following a loss 
Accidental damage to underground services 
Removal of debris following a loss 
Cover can be extended to include Terrorism and, or Subsidence. 

Business Interruption Cover 

We will indemnify you in respect of reduction in turnover and increase in cost of working following a valid claim under the property damage or theft section. 
Cover can include: 
Enforced closure due to notifiable human or contagious disease, 
Murder or suicide within a radius, subject to an inner limit 
Prevention of access caused by damage to property in the vicinity of the premises which hinders or prevents access to the premises 
Damage at your customers premises, 
Damage at your suppliers premises, 
Damage to your property while in transit in Great Britain or Northern Ireland. 
Loss of attraction 
Accidental failure of telecommunications at the premises 
Accidental failure of public supplies of electricity, gas or water  
Automatic sum insured uplift 
Book Debts, with an inner limit 

Indemnity Cover 

Protection up to the limit of indemnity against your legal liability for bodily injury to third parties or damage to their property, and certain other contingencies such as obstruction, trespass, nuisance, interference, wrongful arrest and eviction. 
The cover can extend to include: 
Contingent motor third party liability arising out of the use of vehicles not owned by you within the UK 
Employees and visitors personal effects 
Personal liability of employees and directors whilst they are overseas on your business 
Liability for loss of or damage to premises hired or rented to you for the purpose of your business 
Legal costs and expenses in defending prosecutions under all relevant health and safety legislation 

Employers’ Liability Cover 

Protection against your legal liability for bodily injury to your employees arising out of and in the course of Employment up to a limit of indemnity of £10,000,000 including costs and expenses.  
Cover also possibly includes: 
Legal costs and expenses in defending prosecutions under all relevant health and safety legislation 
Worldwide cover for employees normally resident in the UK who are temporarily working overseas 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Read some our our most frequently asked questions about our insurance policies. 
Our policies are designed to cover the risks you face whilst trading, protecting assets such as buildings and content on an 'all risks' basis, we can extend to cover non-standard risks as well as traditional or standard properties, the policy extends to include protecting your trading income following such losses as well as your liabilities to members of the public or of course those you are liable for as an employer. 
Options exist to prepay the year, at inception of cover or to spread the costs over a number of monthly instalments, subject to a small surchage madevia the renowned insurance financer Clos Bros Premium Finance who assist our clients fund the monthly direct debit facilities. 
When considering claiming our first suggestion is always to speak with us, discuss the circumstance of the loss and we can then assist you in preseting the loss fully to the underwriters, so it can be administered and settled as quickly as possible, if the loss is substantial we will negoiate the attendance of a loss adjuster to work through the claim with you and get you speedily reinstated, if the loss is a liability one (public or employers) we would urge you to speak with us as quickly as possible post incident or on notification as early collection of data is key to any defence or explanation 
Why Town & Country? Well we like to think thats a pretty simple answer, we believe we are the best, the best in extracting the right information and working with you at the outset so the policies are correctly and competitively underwritten, then the same staff member handles your case building a rapprt and relationship with you dealing with any amendments you might need and handling any claims and before taking updated iinformation to secure appropriate renewal terms. Ours is a crade to grave all encompassing solution to your businesses insurance requirements, we act like one of your own staff or team members and pride ourselves on a service that has kept us doing just what we are doing for over 80 years 
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