Public Liability Insurance 

Similarly to Employers’ liability, public liability covers any injury or illness that any member of the public may incur due to partaking in your services or that is in some way your responsibility. Unlike Employers liability this is not required by law for all businesses, although it is a very good idea for anyone in business to have public liability. Without public liability the company, or even its directors or owners can be held responsible for any loss or claim, potentially bankrupting not only the business but its owner or directors as well. 

What Is Public Liability Insurance? 

Public Liability insurance covers the cost of legal action and compensation claims made by members of the public against your business for suffering any bodily injury or property damage. This also includes the cost of medical treatment and transportation costs incurred by the NHS should they claim this amount from your business following an accident. 

Do I Need Public Liability Insurance? 

Although Public Liability is not a legal requirement for some businesses, it should be considered essential if members of the public interact with your business in any way. If any of the below apply to your business then you should consider taking out Public Liability: 
If you own a business premise that members of the public, customers or clients visit. 
If your business organises events or activities that are attended by members of the public. 
If you run a business from home and customers or clients visit your home in for professional purposes. 
If you own a horse riding establishment you are legally obliged to have public liability insurance. 
Public liability insurance covers anyone, apart from employees, with whom you interact as part of your business. 

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover? 

Public Liability insurance covers claims brought against you by members of the public. The amount of cover you need will depend on the risks that your business undertakes on a daily basis. You will find there are acceptable minimum levels of £1 million for certain business types and in other areas of industry, particularly if you are working on a government project, then you may require £10 million. 
The cost of your premium is based on the following risk factors: 
The nature of your business 
Your annual turnover 
Your insurance claims history 

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