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What Insurance Do Scaffolders Need? 
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By law if you employ anyone, either on a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) basis or on a LOSC (Labour Only Sub Contract) basis you will require Employers Liability, the mandatory limit is £5,000,000 but cover tends to be written at a higher indemnity of £10,000,000 to give adequate limits. 
Whilst not statutory, Scaffolders would be extremely unwise to trade without Public Liability insurance, Scaffolding is regarded as a high risk trade & Public Liability cover ensures you have indemnity over negligent acts which occasion third party bodily injury or property damage. 
Limits of Public Liability for Scaffolders start at £1,000,000 but usually £5,000,000 is the norm and often the main contractors you work for will insist that their sub contractors carry the same limits as them for you to be awarded tenders. 
Scaffolders liability insurance premiums can be mitigated by detailing the type of work undertaken, i.e. if the works are usually low level domestic risks then premiums can be reduced over a counterpart who are erecting scaffolding over large and high risk commercial premises. 
It is extremely important that your broker knows the types of contacts entered into and can therefore assist you to purchase a policy which will settle losses presented, failure to disclose relevant facts to an underwriter may result in policies being treated as null and void. 
We do not recommend buying polices directly from an insurer, particularly via a statement of fact where minimal questions are asked. Presumptions are made on best case scenarios, and cover can be lost in the small print when exclusions are written in which may prevent cover from responding. 

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Scaffolders Liability Insurance  

Working at height usually subjects scaffolders a unique set of risks. Our insurance policies can include an accompaniment of Health and Safety documentation you can utilise to ensure your business can ensure competancy and compliance with Health and Saftey legisdlation 
You will be able to set up a policy which not only suits your personal preferences, but have the opportunity to choose from a variety of key covers, including employers liability insurance and public liability insurance, extensions are available for material damage such as teh scaffolding itself which could be damaged either at your sorage premises or on a client building. 
Our insurance can extend to include :- Indemnity to Principals 
This valuable extension covers a requirement in a contract for the contractor to provide an indemnity to a principal, or a requirement for the contractor to extend his liability policy so that the principal is indemnified as if he were the insured. 
Claim Example - Employers Liability 
Two scaffold Inspectors have been prosecuted after a worker fell through a gap between the scaffolding and the building, resulting in serious injuries. 
Greater Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard how, the 49-year old worker was working on a re-roofing project. As he stepped down from the untiled roof onto a fixed scaffold, he fell through a gap between the working platform of the scaffolding and the building. He suffered fracture injuries to his spine and had to wear a back brace for -eight weeks. 
The scaffolding had been signed off as safe for use The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation revealed that they had not carried out the relevant inspections and had falsified the certificates to show that all was safe for use. 
Speaking after the hearing HSE Inspector said: “Scaffold Inspectors are relied upon by workers and must be trusted. Falsely completing reports without carrying out a thorough inspection can lead to serious risks being missed and life changing accidents occurring.” 
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