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Are you looking for insurance for your Social Club. Leave details on the form below and we will call you to quote prices.  
Trying to find an insurance policy that covers your business and interests correctly can be a daunting task. We provide insurance from a wide range of industry specialists and tailor them to your specific requirements. 
We can help you find a policy with the covers you require.  
Our dedicated and qualified staff take the time to get to know you and your business to try and find the best cover from the most reputable insurers. In most cases can offer a site visit to take your information and in addition to this we can offer health and safety advice and risk management information. 
We remain your sole contact throughout the term of your contract and we are actively involved in dealing with and resolving complaints before they lead to claims against you, as well as always being on hand to assist with any mid-term adjustments and changes you may need to make as and when they occur. 
Our aim is to understand your socuial clubs requirements, be it a 
Community Club 
Charity Status Club 
Members Club 
Political Club 
Liberal Club 
Conservative Club 
Labour Club 
Working Mens Club 
Sports Club 
We will take insurance requirements into account specific to each sector and listen to you, delivering back the right cover at the right price. 
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Social Clubs Insurance Information 

Finding the right insurance cover for social clubs isn't often as simple as buying cover for a public house or wine bar, members and social clubs often require extenstions for activities and even fundraising they undertake on or off the premises based around the founding activities that brought them together. 
There are many types of social clubs:- 
Community Clubs 
Charity Status Clubs 
Members Clubs 
Political Clubs 
Liberal Clubs 
Conservative Clubs 
Labour Clubs 
Working Mens Clubs 
Sports Clubs 
Your Wine Bar insurance policy will be a package and will include policies to suit your companies requirements, this is how we are able to provide you with better rates as we do not automatically assume that all or nothing applies to your business such as the provision of food, music, dance floors, do you have door staff and your times of business. We make sure we take the details on all of you associated risk so our Business Insurance for Wine Bar cover will have the best policy wording and the cheapest market rates. 
The Buildings and Contents of the Premises 
Your contents (and if selected buildings) are insured against loss or damage caused by a standard range of insured risks normally associated with your trade including Accidental Damage. 
In addition cover is automatically extended to include: 
Damage to Underground Services 
Trace and Access costs 
Removal of Debris costs 
Architect and Surveyors Fees 
Automatic Reinstatement of Sums Insured 
Money and Personal Accident (Assault) 
Covers your business money In transit, on premises during business hours, or in a bank night safe 
In the business premises when closed for business or in the private dwelling 
Personal Accident (Assault) 
Death, Loss of Limb(s), Loss of Eye(s), Permanent Total Disablement £10,000 
Total uninterrupted Disablement (up to 104 weeks) £100 per week 
Business Liability 
The following will automatically be included: 
Employers' Liability £10m 
Public/Products Liability £2m 
Legal costs and expenses 
Business Interruption 
Loss of Gross Profit following loss or damage by an insured peril. 
Cover is extended to provide cover in respect of: 
Prevention of Access 
Specified Diseases, Murder, Suicide, Poisoning, Vermin or Pests, 
Defective Sanitation 
Damage at Suppliers premises 
Failure of Public Supply of Electricity Gas or Water 
Failure of Telecommunications 
Goods In Transit (OPTIONAL
If you have selected this option your needs are those of a retail business that delivers or collects goods and requires cover on those goods whilst in the course of transit. 
Glass Breakage 
Damage to fixed glass and fixed items of sanitary ware 
Equipment Breakdown 
The policy covers damage and any subsequent loss of income caused by Breakdown to equipment or machinery (including computers and refrigeration equipment) up to the limits shown in the policy. 
Includes damage to perishable goods caused by failure of the insured equipment. 
Some insurance is even required by law, like Employers liability, and some is simply a good idea, like Public liability. 
How can we help? 
The good news is we are experienced in specialist insurance cover for the social clubs industry. We don't simply ask a few questions and fill out a form to pass along to the insurers. We get to know you and your business before negotiating with up to a dozen insurers to make sure we not only find the cheapest cover for you, but insurance that you can be confident in. You can then cherry pick the right cover for your business at a price you are happy with. 
Employers' Liability 
Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. Your employees may be injured at work or they, or your former employees, may become ill as a result of their work while in your employment. They might try to claim compensation from you if they believe you are responsible. The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 ensures that you have at least a minimum level of insurance cover against any such claims. 
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