Solar Panel Installers Liability 

Are you looking for insurance for your Solar Panel Installation Company? Trying to find an insurance policy that covers your business and interests correctly can be a daunting task. We provide insurance from a wide range of industry specialists and tailor them to your specific requirements. 
We can help you find a policy with the covers you require.  
Our dedicated and qualified staff take the time to get to know you and your business to try and find the best cover from the most reputable insurers and in most cases can offer a site visit to take your information and in addition to this we can offer health and safety advice and risk management information. 
We remain your sole contact throughout the term of your contract and we are actively involved in dealing with and resolving complaints before they lead to claims against you as well as always being on hand to assist with any mid-term adjustments and changes you may need to make as and when they occur. 
Town & Country are a national brokerage remaining local in our working practices.  
Our aim is to understand our clients insurance requirements taking into account the needs of the sector and we take the time to listen to you and deliver the right cover at the right price. 
We are confident that you will be happy with the level of service as well as the cover and premiums that become available to you. 
For a free no obligation quote simply provide your contact details below or give us a call now on (01769) 572557 and talk to one of our specialist advisers. 

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Solar Panel Installers Insurance Information 

Insurance cover for solar panels is based upon your risks of the business, installing solar panels usually involves working on roof tops and in 'unusual' locations which by their very nature involves a certain level of risk for the business, employees and the general public. 
However, not all businesses have the same risk considerations and not all solar panel installations are the same nor are the businesses all the same size and so therefor do not require the same cover. 
We have experience in the supply of cover for the renewable energies industry especially solar panel installers and can offer advice and information on the type of cover you will need for your business. In some cases we can visit your business and will help you build a risk presentation for insurers. We can also help you with taking photos to keep a log of your assets. We will then send your risk presentation to a dozen or so insurers to make sure your cover is placed with an appropriate company for your level of risk. 
Some of the covers we can include: 
Contractors All Risks (Contract Works, Hired in Plant & Own Plant) 
All Risks 
Goods in Transit or Marine Insurance 
Environmental Liability Insurance 
If you are also involved in any other renewable energies such as Wind Turbines or Wind Farms we can give you advise on these as well. 
This covers any injury or illness that any member of the public may incur due to partaking in your services or that is in some way your responsibility. Unlike Employers' Liability this is not required by law, although it is a very good idea for anyone in the your industry to have public liability. Without Public Liability the company, or even its directors or owners can be held responsible for any loss or claim, potentially bankrupting not only the business but its owner or directors as well. 
Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees while they are at work. Your employees may be injured at work or they, or your former employees, may become ill as a result of their work while in your employment. They might try to claim compensation from you if they believe you are responsible. The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 ensures that you have at least a minimum level of insurance cover against any such claims. Employers' Liability insurance carries NIL excess 
This is a form of liability insurance that helps protect professionals advice and services. The cover focuses on alleged financial loss caused by the service sold by the solar panel installation company. These are potential causes for legal action that would not be covered by a more general liability insurance policy. 
Lawsuits against solar panel installers have increased over the last few years. This is due to countless clients and customers who believe they have suffered when professional services have not given the correct advice. 
As solar panel installers you will be advising potential customers on both energy savings and Feed In Tariffs returns that the building owner will expect to receive. You may also be responsible for the design, specification and layout of the panels including determining the structural impact on the roof area following the installation. 
Some of the covers included: 
Breach of Professional Duty 
Negligent Misstatement or Misrepresentation 
Libel or Slander 
Breach of Confidentiality 
Dishonest or Fraudulent Act 
Indemnity to Principal 
Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights 
Inadvertent Virus Transmission 
Mitigation Costs 
Loss of or Damage to Documents including due to Virus Transmission 
Ombudsman Awards 
Contractors All Risks Insurance 
This is for contractors who need protection for the project itself against loss or damage for the duration of the build. i.e. it insures the structure as you create it and of course the materials on site as they arrive. The cover will also include cover for business liabilities and tools. Cover can be for fixed term (for individual jobs/builds) or otherwise (and usually) is an annual contract covering all contracts and sites. 
A brief example of the cover you can expect is as follows: 
Material Damage 
Tools and Plant 
Hired Equipment 
Employee Effects 
All Risks 
Any loss or damage caused to your equipment and solar panels at your premises. Cover extends to include damage to equipment temporarily removed from the premises. 
Goods in Transit / Marine Insurance 
We can arrange cover for goods in transit insurance and marine insurance for solar panel installers. This will protect any stock and equipment which is being transported by rail, road or sea. This can include panels and invertors being transported from supplier to site, or from site to site if necessary. 
Environmental Liability Insurance 
This will cover against gradual pollution and the clean up costs following contamination. 
Representation Costs 
Additional Defence Costs 
Privacy Breach Costs 
Data Protection Act Costs 
Court Attendance Costs 
Solar panels
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